We are a kind, diverse, multi-skilled team that includes doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists and psychosexual therapists – many of whom are members of the trans and/or LGBT+ communities.

We work out of 56 Dean Street, which is part of the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Leigh is the manager of 56 Dean Street and of the TransPlus service. He has been a nurse working in HIV care for over 30 years. Leigh was the project lead for the development and opening of 56 Dean Street, Europe’s largest HIV and Sexual Health Service. In 2004, Leigh won the Nursing Times “Nurse of the Year” award for his continued innovation in the field of sexual health and he has been instrumental in Dean Street receiving a long list of awards and accolades over the years (inc. awards from the Nursing Times, Nursing Standard, HSJ and many more). In 2016, Leigh produced the documentary film “AIDS: Doctors and Nurses tell their Stories”.

John is an experienced Gender Specialist and provides support, supervision and clinical oversight to the TransPlus team. As well as supporting TransPlus, John is also Interim Clinical Lead for the Welsh Gender Service and the chair of the Clinical Reference Group for Specialised Gender Identity Services at NHS England.

Karen has been a clinical psychologist in sexual health & HIV for 17 years. Working in services for LGBTQ+ people, Karen provides face-to-face therapy and runs workshops on sexual health and sexual functioning. She is interested in supporting psychological wellbeing and positive sexual relationships for trans/non-binary people. She also runs workshops for health professionals on the sexual wellbeing needs of LGBTQ+ people.

Tara has been the clinical lead for trans services at 56 Dean Street since 2016. She is a multiskilled consultant, holding qualifications in Sexual Health, HIV, and Sexual & Reproductive Health. Tara introduced hormone monitoring for gender diverse people to 56 Dean Street and has been instrumental in the development of our trans sexual health service. Under Tara’s supervision, 56T has become the largest recruitment centre for the PrEP Impact study for trans/non-binary people in England.

Aedan has been working with his fellow trans/non-binary community members for over a decade. He studied Social Work at Goldsmiths, University of London before going on to complete an MSc in Applied Psychology. He is currently undertaking a Postgraduate Diploma in Gender Identity Healthcare Practice and is involved in a number of research initiatives exploring the health and wellbeing needs of the trans/non-binary communities. At TransPlus, Aedan helps co-create and coordinate care and support plans for service users, as well as running groups and workshops. Outside of Dean Street, Aedan also works as a trainer and university lecturer, as well as offering consultancy on trans/non-binary health and inclusion at strategic and policy levels, nationally and internationally.

Richard has been a nurse for over 16 years. In that time, he has worked exclusively in the fields of sexual and reproductive health. Richard started working in Dean Street’s specialist trans/non-binary sexual health clinic in 2012 and was the lead nurse for the service. He has spoken about his role in promoting trans health at a series of national conferences and is passionate about improving services for trans/non-binary communities. At TransPlus, Richard supports our service users to manage their hormone protocols, as well as assisting them in improving their wider health and wellbeing.

Julie qualified as a nurse in 1991 and began her career working in hospitals in West London in general medicine, as well as in HIV. In the late 1990s, she began to specialise in Sexual & Reproductive Health, developing her extensive skills in working with a diverse range of service user groups. She’s a regular member of the 56T and TransPlus teams, and is available to give advice, support, and treatment on a range of trans/non-binary sexual health and contraception issues. Julie is excited to be working alongside her TransPlus colleagues to deliver innovative and timely healthcare to members of the trans/non-binary communities.

Marcelo is a senior nurse at TransPlus. He has nursing experience in care for older adults, as well as respiratory medicine; a field he worked in for over 8 years and where he also held the position of ward manager. Originally from Portugal, he is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Marcello joined 56 Dean Street in 2018, where he became member of the 56T team and an active recruiter of trans/non-binary people to the PrEP Impact Trial. He is excited about this new venture and thrilled to be a part of a novel service that will benefit the trans/non-binary communities.

Lori has been working with voices for more than 30 years. She has a Master’s Degree in Vocal Performance and her first career was as an international professional classical singer. She began her therapy career rehabilitating singing voices, but was inspired to work with people with a broader range of vocal problems. She has an MSc in Voice Pathology from UCL and a post-graduate diploma in Speech and Language Therapy at City University. She has developed specialist knowledge in working with trans people, supporting them to discover their gender-affirming voices which are so intimately linked to their true identity. At TransPlus, Lori offers 1:1 voice therapy sessions, and facilitates small group practice sessions.

Rhi is the psychosexual therapist for TransPlus. In this role, Rhi supports clients to improve their sexual wellbeing and helps people to navigate sexual function and sexual identity, as well as exploring dysphoria, shame, trauma and sexual practices. They also facilitate workshops on enjoying sex in a trans body. Outside of this TransPlus, Rhi lives in South Wales where they train therapists to become more trans aware. They have their own private practice as a sex and relationship therapist and also work closely with the Welsh Gender Service. In 2019 Rhi won Stonewall Cymru’s Trans Role Model of the Year award based on the work they had done in a previous workplace to make it more inclusive of trans identities

Phil is a clinical psychologist at TransPlus, providing face-to-face therapy and running workshops on promoting wellbeing and managing difficulties, such as stress and worry. Phil takes a person-centered approach to therapy, adapting to an individual’s needs, past experiences, and goals to ensure therapy is empowering and affirming. Phil has been a psychologist in different roles for over 10 years and believes in the power of integrated health, social and mental wellbeing services such as TransPlus. Phil also works within HIV and sexual health services in East London and together with his role at TransPlus, he is able to deliver his passion for providing and improving psychological support for trans/non-binary people, and the wider LGBTQ+ community.

Rebecca is part of the Peer Support team at TransPlus. She is an advocate for trans women living with HIV and works alongside our service users to ensure seamless integration between gender care, sexual health & HIV, and our wider wellbeing services. She has worked as an outreach officer for the Terrence Higgins Trust, promoting HIV testing in the community and is also a member of the Gilead Sciences’ pan-European Women’s Working Group on HIV. Since 2017, Rebecca has been delivering her trans empowerment initiative, Project Bootcamp. Which creates a support network for trans women and trans femmes which helps to build confidence and resilience, and provides education on sexual health and wellbeing via a series of psycho-educational workshops.

Callum is a Peer Support Worker at TransPlus. He has a background in theatre, both as a performer and as a playwright. Latterly, he retrained as a Healthcare Assistant and has been working in sexual health & HIV as part of the 56 Dean Street Clinical team. Further to his work across both our Dean Street sites, Callum has been shadowing our chemsex team in order to build on his existing experience of drug & alcohol recovery work. Callum is excited to bring his life experience and training to the role of Peer Support Worker to facilitate TransPlus service users in shaping and realising their own personal journeys, while supporting their wellbeing and sense of self.