Our Service


TransPlus is an NHS gender dysphoria service based at 56 Dean Street, a sexual health clinic in Soho, London. TransPlus was initially commissioned as a pilot gender clinic in July 2020 and due to its success, was fully commissioned in April 2023.

We are able to diagnose gender dysphoria and then where appropriate, formulate a treatment plan which may include hormone therapy, surgical endorsements, speech and language therapy and referrals for facial hair reduction. The service is unique in that this runs alongside an extensive and varied wellbeing programme of talking therapies, peer support and community events/workshops.

We offer all of the same services you would be able to access at another NHS gender dysphoria service, as laid out in the NHS England Service Specification.

Who can we see at TransPlus?


We are still unable to accept self-referrals, referrals from GPs, or any other healthcare professionals.

TransPlus have been asked by NHS England to see adults who were originally referred to the Tavistock and Portman Gender Identity Clinic (GIC). This is a change from our previous eligibility criteria and aims to reduce the extensive waiting list to be seen at the Tavistock GIC.

We will see people from amongst those who have been waiting the longest and aim to ensure that no one we see will have waited longer than if they had remained on their original list. If your details have been transferred to us, we will contact you as soon as possible thereafter to let you know. Those originally referred to the Tavistock GIC can of course opt out of being seen by us.

Those seen at TransPlus will also need to be registered with a GP in England and not eligible for one of the NHSE-commissioned pilot gender dysphoria services.




The process if you have been contacted:


If you have received an email from TransPlus informing you that your referral has been transferred to us, there is nothing you need to do unless you wish to opt out of your transfer. In this case, please follow the instructions in our email.

Once the two week opt out period has ended, we will start contacting people to collect additional documentation before we are able to offer a first appointment. Please note that it may be a number of months before we are in touch again after the initial email due to the volume of referrals that are transferred to TransPlus at a time.

Your first appointment will be with either a Nurse Practitioner or Doctor – more information on this appointment can be found on our FAQ page.

Your second appointment will generally be with a Doctor or Clinical Psychologist. The current wait time between first and second appointments is 4-6 weeks.


See our FAQs for more information about your appointment or Contact Us if you need to cancel or reschedule your visit.

If you haven’t been contacted but would like to be seen by TransPlus:


Unfortunately, we are only able to see those who have been transferred to us from the determined sections of the Tavistock GIC’s wait list. We are also unable to accept transfers of care if you have already been seen for a first appointment at another NHS gender dysphoria service.

Those who are not contacted to join TransPlus are, of course, more than welcome to make use of our other services at 56 Dean Street, including 56T, our specialist sexual health clinic for trans and non-binary people. More information can be found here.



Here to Support You


We are a service with trans/non-binary people at its core. Many of us are members of the community ourselves or are individuals with significant professional or personal experience of supporting trans/non-binary people.

You will get easy access to your clinical team, with lots of opportunities to ask questions about your ongoing care (e.g. any new or additional support needs that might arise).

We have a range of flexible support options: we can offer peer support, talking therapies, and provide one-to-one advice, as well as access to a range of online and face-to-face tools, support groups and workshops.

Our team can also link you to other 56 Dean Street services or help you access community organisations (including housing and homelessness, domestic or sexual abuse, hate crime, drugs & alcohol, and support for older people).

Crisis support

If you feel acutely unwell or are experiencing thoughts of suicide or self-harm, please seek support immediately.


56T is a specialist sexual health and HIV service open to all trans/non-binary people. You don’t have to be part of TransPlus.

More information here or Follow @56TSoho