UK Cancer and Transition Service

What we offer:

We want to put people at the centre of their healthcare and help them to work with the teams providing their gender and cancer care to make the best choices for them.
Virtual clinic appointments to review both gender and cancer care
The option to include all the professionals involved in your care as part of a multidisciplinary team (MDT) discussion
Review of available evidence related to treatment decisions.
Letter of recommendations
Signposting to other important services such as therapy, psychosexual counselling, and fertility preservation.
You will also have the option to participate in research to help improve cancer care for the trans and non-binary community.

Who is UCATS for?

UCATS is a new service for the trans and non-binary community. 1 in 2 of us will get cancer at some point in our lifetime. For trans and non-binary people a cancer diagnosis may be made more difficult because of:


  • Dysphoria related to the investigations or treatments
  • Effects of gender-affirming hormones treatments on cancer growth
  • Effects of cancer treatments on gender-affirming hormones and surgeries
  • Side effects of treatment on sexual function
  • Extra burden on mental health


Who is eligible?

Anyone with cancer or a history of cancer where they feel it interacts with their gender-affirming care.



How can I be referred?

You can self-refer using a the self-referral form which is emailed to us. We will ask permission to contact your care teams for further information but you can choose who we have contact with.

Healthcare professionals can also refer you using the using the clinician referral form which is emailed to us. They must ask you permission to share your information.


Questions or comments?

Please feel free to contact us at chelwest.ucats@nhs.net


For Professionals

Information for UCATS patient referrals and processes for healthcare professionals.